Sunday, June 27, 2010

Platte River & Cherry Creek North

Yesterday I took the day off, as I woke up at 3am and traveled for the next 9 hours. We got to Denver at 10am Mountain time and the hotel at 11:15. They took our bags and we went to lunch. They let us check into the hotel, the Hotel Monaco Denver, at 12:30. I watched some of the USA-Guana game and then went to sleep. The rest of the day was nice; nap, wine sampling, mexican dinner, sleep.

I woke up a little before 5am local time and went out to run. I felt like an idiot standing outside the hotel without a shirt on waiting for my watch to get a signal, especially since there were some people talking to the police after I suppose causing a disturbance in the hotel after leaving the bars. I don't know. But I got signal and took off. A hotel worker told me to run down the 16th street mall to Union Station and then down a bike path that would go for at least 20 miles in one direction. I went the wrong direction, but it didn't matter. I headed to the right up a bike path that was like the canal path on steroids. The Platte River was nice, but more like a creek. It took about a mile to get there and then I went for another 4 miles out. At about 4.5 total, things smelled pretty badly, but I was in the industrial part of town by that point.

On my way back, I tried to run faster for the 6th mile, but I couldn't! I was more tired than running 18 miles on Friday but I'd only run 5. So I scaled it back a little but then tried to go a little faster the rest of the way. It worked out just fine and I had a nice progression run. Tomorrow I'll probably run the other direction, unless I find another route from the hotel to go.

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