Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Finish

Matt, Scott, Bob, Justin and I did the same run I did yesterday with Matt. We started out a lot slower, but as the conversation grew more and more agitated, the pace picked up. Justin took a short cut at the end through the bus station, as I predicted that he would, and then Scott and I ran him down almost immediately on Stafford Avenue. He put in an honest effort to stay near us, so given how fast we were going, he worked a whole lot harder than he usually does when it's just me mowing him down after his traditional short cut through the bus station.

It was good to go fast at the end of a run instead of the beginning like on Sunday.

We went to the FARC track meet tonight. There was a decent turn out. A girl was running behind Terry in the 1500 with 300 to go and dropped to the track after rolling her ankle. I sprinted over and carried her back to her disengaged parents. She was probably in middle school or early high school. I assume she is OK. Jack and Grace did the 100 and the 400. They were a little discouraged after the 400, so we went to the long job pit and skipped the 4x1. Fun was had by all.

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