Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today was much more about effort than what the watch said. It has been too long since I've run 16+ miles, since April 3. And even on that day, I went into the quarry trails and it was under-measured on the watch. So it was good to go longer today. I needed to get my ass kicked, and that's what happened. We started out slowly enough, and then got into the woods and kept a relatively moderate effort. Once we came out of the woods, my back was aching. I don't know why, maybe I've been sleeping wrong.

After leaving the quarry, the pace picked up, naturally. But I never felt good. I took a GU and got some water, and that started to help very briefly. I felt as though my rib cage was constricting around my lungs and that I couldn't breathe. That continued for most of the run outside of the quarry. We finished up on the roads, and to get 16 we had to take a loop around the shell trail. I started to fade very badly and Tim finally stopped waiting for me. I was probably running over 7-minute pace for the last two minutes of the run... I just couldn't keep it up any longer.

So it was good. I was dead tired at the end of it, which is what it's supposed to be like sometimes. I forget that running isn't always supposed to be easy-- especially not the training. I've gotten acclimated to comfort, and I need to get out of that state of mind and move forward.

On another note, I weighed myself this morning as part of my biggest loser with Chip & Craig. 148.6. I'll get there.

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