Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 mornings in a row!

With how slack I've been, I'm counting this as a milestone. I fully intend to run tomorrow morning too. If you count going on Sunday at 6am, I'm on a hot-streak!

Matt and I met to do a workout this morning; one that he bailed on last Thursday and I bailed on his make-up day last Friday. 3 times 6 minutes tempo/2 minutes rest and 2 times 40/20 as a set, followed by a final 6 minutes tempo. So 6,2,40,20,40,20 x 3, then another 6. I'm happy with it. My tempo wasn't very fast but it was under 6 minute pace for each set. My 40s were too slow. If they're supposed to be mile pace, then I am weak, especially considering the 400s I've been doing on the track lately. But I could have told you that it was slow this morning, as Matt was considerably closer to me for those 40 seconds than he is when we're on the track or running a mile.

I was very thirsty the entire run, but the temperature was one of the better days of the last 4. Monday it was 85! It's been cooler each day since then though. I was a little sore after mowing the lawn last night for the first time in ages (with my new lawn mower!). But it made no difference. Today my legs were fatigued, not sore, so I'd consider that a good sign.

Also, the Historic Half is full. So I hope I can get in.

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