Sunday, March 28, 2010

Post Monument Long Run

KC and I went out last night for pizza and drinks with Tim and Kendall, then I slept in this morning. It was nice not having to wake up early, even though yesterday I also go to sleep in until 6:20 since I was already in R.VA.

I met Justin, Nick and Pat for an easy run at Hanover. It was probably 33 degrees, but no real wind. Pat did 20 yesterday so he just wanted to run 6. We did the long morning loop while Nick and I tried to convince Justin to run for 90 minutes with us instead of an hour. We won, and he came under the sea with us. It was a really easy run and I had a nice time. I told them about my race, Nick made fun of it, everything was the status quo. I'm not too sore from the race either, so this week should be pretty pleasant. It's nice not having to worry about a race in the upcoming weekend though.

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