Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Snow Day

It was snowing last night so we didn't know what would happen this morning, but at 4:45 no area schools were even delayed. Matt and I went out for an easy longer run and concluded that schools would probably be delayed. While we were running, they were all cancelled. This information is meaningless to me as I'm going to Ashland for a conference. At least I won't have to write new sub plans for tomorrow.

I felt tired today for the first time in a few days. Probably because of the hills and double yesterday. I tried to be extra careful running on the road so that I wouldn't pull anything slipping somewhere wet or icy.

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  1. Thoughts and ideas:
    I wish you could color your map/course so that it would show you by color what the pace was. For example, perhaps on the roads we were running like 7:00 pace but around Pratt maybe 8:15, so it could color it somehow. Also would be nice to see the mile markers on the map.
    Since I ran 77 minutes I'm calling my run 10 miles.


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