Tuesday, February 23, 2010

45/90 plus

Since I had to work today (how unusual) I didn't have time to do a really long hill workout like I've been doing, so I did what I'd planned last week. 3 minutes up hard and rest, followed by 5 sets of 45 seconds hard, rest, 90 seconds hard. There was a big group of us doing hills. Tim, Bob and I did that workout, Matt and Justin just did 45/90s. Dan and JD just went running.

The workout went really well. Tim was cautious enough and the intervals were short enough that I was staying close enough to him to really feel like I was being pulled. It was tough. I almost threw up at the end, which was a pretty good indicator of how hard I was working since I felt great.

Long day today. I'm running again before parent-teacher conference night and going to the cemetary between those two events.

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