Monday, September 8, 2014


Sorry that activity on this blog has been missing for so long. I'm surprised I didn't post more during the summer, but now that the school year has started again, most idle time spent at my desk in front of the computer is spent eating, so I don't have the hands to type.

My training is going well. I've been running very consistently since May, and have strung together several weeks of higher mileage and decent workouts (for me... I am not a high mileage person so it is high for me.)

Going forward from June and rounding, I've been:
49 (at the beach)
49 (at the beach)

In the next 4 weeks, I am going to run 3 races. That is up from my total 3 races in 2014. I'm doing the Pepsi 10K in Charlottesville this coming Saturday, racing the UVA Club Cross Country home meet at Ashe Lawn-Highlands (8K) the following weekend, and then running the Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon on October 5. For the first two races, I'm going to run hard and just try to get used to running races again, and then in the Half I hope to do well-- perhaps challenge my PR, but if not at least be able to run under my goal marathon pace for April.

I signed up for the Boston Marathon today. I'm not technically in, but I can't imagine why I wouldn't be accepted, as long as the Three Bridges Marathon is a real thing. I certainly hope I didn't break my foot there for nothing. So hopefully on April 20, I'll go up to Massachusetts with Charlie Hurt, Trevor Cable, and Adam Otstot for a little W&M Team Blitz reunion and lower my course PR by over 40 minutes.

I'll try to post something about these races in the coming weeks, but no promises as I'm pretty busy with school and Henry turning one year old in a few weeks!

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