Friday, December 6, 2013


The Three Bridges Marathon has been postponed for a week until December 15. In the past two days, the forecast has worsened to 90% chance of precipitation, high 29, low 28. Not the best conditions for traveling to a race and running on a road that won't see much car or foot traffic beforehand. As of now, the forecast for the 15th is 10% chance of rain, high 44, low 33. Much more ideal.

I'm not exactly happy (not sure if I'm unhappy either) that the race has been delayed, but I appreciate that the decision was made this morning (Friday) as opposed to waiting until late Saturday afternoon. Although looking at the forecast this morning before getting word, I was fairly certain it was going to happen.

So now I've got one more week to taper. It's hard tapering when you are only running 50 miles a week on 6 days anyway. I'll still go run Sunday in the messy weather; we'll see how it goes.

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