Sunday, October 27, 2013


I just finished a marathon.

This morning was the Marine Corps Marathon. I didn't run in it. Skeeter Morris did and got 3rd, running 2:24:01! That's what I was trying to do in Chicago last fall. Great job to you, Skeeter!

I did just finish running 26 miles. 26.67 to be exact. It only took me two days. I did 21.63 yesterday morning in 2:34:28 (7:08/mile), 17 of which I was joined by Graham Kearney. Then this evening I just got another 5.03 on the Rivanna Trail along the 250 Bypass in 42:38. Not my best marathon time. 

Did you run a marathon this weekend? If so, tell me about it!


  1. I ran a marathon this weekend as well. On Friday morning I ran 4 miles easy with Tony Romo and Alexa. I have no idea what pace it was because my running partners decided to stop and relieve themselves at least 15 times over 4 miles. Then Saturday morning I ran 22.42 miles in 2:51:44 (7:40 pace). It was the Time on Feet run 3 weeks before Richmond where you are supposed to run 22 in the roughly the same time as it 26.2 will take in 3 weeks. The goal is 2:53-2:55 so I guess that's close enough. It felt really slow but I guess it's supposed to at this point.

  2. PS this is Josh and I don't know how to get my name to show up and am too lazy to figure it out.

    PPS Tony and Alexa are chocolate labs, and yes, Tony is quite proficient at fumbling his tennis ball

  3. Great job this weekend Josh, and good luck in Richmond! I hope the race goes well! I may be there running part of the race with my sister as she tries to run in the 3:20 range.


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