Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So as I mentioned, I pulled my hamstring the last Friday of May, doing strides before the Civitans 10K. During the race, 4 miles in I started to suffer. Since then, I've really been holding back. I've taken a day or two off, run very short most days, and spent even more time on the foam roller than usual. I got a massage the day after the race, and then got another massage yesterday. Both of them were agonizingly painful experiences. I went back yesterday because I felt like things were starting to improve, but that I could use an adjustment. I could tell that the tightness was starting to impact my hip, and Ernie was able to help me out. I was very sore leaving, but today was able to run almost eight miles with less pain than any day prior. So hopefully I'm moving in the right direction.

Sunday is the Mens 4-Miler in Charlottesville. I would have loved to run this race as another gauge before July 4th. As it is now, I'll be participating in the race so that the RMR team has 4 participants and can get a team score. I'm not racing, but I am going to try to run faster than what I've been doing on a daily basis. Maybe I can run six-minute pace? I know that I've been fit enough to run under 5:30 pace for a 10k as recently as two weeks ago, but will my legs let me do that now? I don't know -- I haven't tried at all. I've been in rehab mode now for most of 2013... not performance mode.

Things are looking up though. Today was promising. Tomorrow will hopefully be more of the same. I'm staying positive.

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