Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New web address

To make better use of my domain name and to make my way to the professional world, I've decided to reassign and migrate my running blog to I expect that this means that all Facebook and Twitter links to my blog won't work anymore. Hopefully I modified things correctly so that they will work in the future. We'll see.

Running related news, I ran over 50 miles last week and had a long run of over 13. Still running just 6 days a week, at least through the end of the semester. Progress!

Also, given the recent events in Boston, I am even more motivated to return to the Boston Marathon in the future. 2014 is out of the question at this point, so maybe 2015. I'm not sure how long my Chicago 2012 qualifier  (2:26:31) will last, but getting a new qualifying time won't be an issue whatsoever. I look forward to the future success of the race and seeing the running community (and the citizens of Boston) rebound from this attack.


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