Monday, February 4, 2013

6 years later

Yesterday I finished my highest weekly mileage in about 5 weeks: 33 miles. I ran a double digit run (10 miles) for the first time since a 12 mile run with Charlie on December 28. I may or may not have mentioned sometime since late September that I've been having pain in my left foot. It started out as just pain while I was laying in bed on my side or walking around barefoot at ball class. Then it started to progress into a pain in my achilles while running. Then the pain found its way into my foot while running and walking. I went to see the doctor at the beginning of January and started seeing a physical therapist. Turns out, I'm bad at running.

So for the last month I've been trying to work on how my feet hit the ground and running a whole lot less. I haven't been making a whole lot of progress. I went back to the doctor on Friday and scheduled an appointment for an MRI for today. I got my last (and only) MRI almost 6 years ago on Valentine's Day, 2007. Of my left foot, no less!

The MRI technician (do you call her a nurse) asked me if I was going to see the doctor right away afterwards, but I told her no. I asked her if my foot was broken and she made a face. I waited and asked, "You're not allowed to tell me, are you?" She said she wasn't, but that "what [she] saw might explain some of the pain [I'm] in."


I said "Ok, that's good. That is good news."

So now I'm sitting here waiting to find out what is wrong with me, but it is good news. There is probably something wrong with me, besides the fact that I run wrong. Something can be fixed. I continue to wait, unsure if I'll be waking up tomorrow morning to run 8 miles on my "comeback plan" that Mark has been plotting for me. If I find out that nothing is wrong, I won't know what to do. So hopefully something is wrong. "No news" is not "good news," in this case.

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