Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Tribal Quest Registration

I got an email last night from The Tribal Quest, offering 15% off registration if you sign up before December 31 and use promo code TQHOLIDAY when you sign up. I'm considering... the race is on July 13, 2013.

Team Awesome!
I did this race last year with KC and our friends Kevin, Joanna and Ashley. It was a lot of fun! It is only 5 miles and it's around the trails behind the Fredericksburg quarry and the Slavery Museum. The obstacles weren't as intimidating or dangerous as those in a race like Tough Mudder or other adventure-type races. I enjoyed doing it with the team a lot. Hopefully we'll get the gang back together this year, and maybe add some new members in as well. I'm pretty disappointed I didn't do a write-up about it from last year.

The website is www.thetribalquest.com and you should check it out if you're interested in adventure races but maybe not paying a crap load of money and getting electrocuted.

Full disclosure: I'm friends with one of the organizers and have participated in his other FredEvents trail races in the past. Also I taught his youngest daughter and love his kids (and pretty much all the kids who live on their street.)

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