Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bad Ass

Today on the bus to school I saw a girl running in shorts and a t-shirt. It was 34 degrees out. This afternoon when I went running just before sunset, I wore a shorts, a t-shirt, and gloves. It was 45 degrees out.

She was bad ass.


  1. What did you think about all the talent at the Turkey Trot? And how do you feel you will do at the Blue/Grey half?

    1. John, I'm sorry this is so late, I just saw this comment!

      I appreciate the talent that comes into the Turkey Trot each year. It helps me to raise my game and run faster, having people to chase. In the smaller races with less competitive fields, it gets difficult to find motivation to run hard from the front all alone. So I enjoy the Turkey Trot from that perspective.

      Regarding the Blue & Gray Half, obviously it is too late to comment on that! Thanks for reading and sorry again for the delay!


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