Friday, April 20, 2012

Day Off

Today is my first day off in about a month. I wasn't planning to take the day off, but I didn't sleep at all last night, so I bailed in the morning, and I'm taking a class from 4-10pm tonight, so there is no chance of an afternoon run.

Last week we came home from the beach early and I did my long run in Fredericksburg. I did over 20 miles in about 6:35 pace I think. It felt pretty easy too, so that was good. I also went out to Chancellorsville to run with Scott on Sunday. He's still able to run occasionally; hopefully he can string together enough days to actually finish a race soon!

Tuesday I did mile repeats. The plan was to start at half-marathon pace and work down to 10K pace. My half PR is 5:25 pace and my 10K PR is 5:19 pace, so that's not a lot of room between. I figure I should be able to run faster, so I set my goal at 5:10 pace. I went 5:24, 5:16, 5:15, 5:10, 5:06. I wanted to do 6, but decided I didn't have enough time. Justin talked me into running the 6th one "with him" on the roads back to the car. I ran a 5:53 mile, 5 yards in front of him the whole time. I should have stayed at the track, because I ended up doing extra at Hanover to get more than a half-mile cool down. It was a good workout though. Each interval was a little fast, but that's because the first lap was too fast on each one. For some reason, I'm always surprised at how hard it is to run fast in the mornings.

I was supposed to do a workout today which I'll now do tomorrow morning before class from 9-4pm. Sunday I'll go long. Hopefully I can still hit 70 miles for the week despite the day off.


  1. Congrats at the Historic Half today Bert.

    Quick question Bert, which Garmin watch do you use? It appears my Garmin 305 isn't quite 100% accurate.


  2. Eric, thanks! I use the 305 also. No GPS device is going to be 100% accurate. Run any distance race with people around you wearing GPS and you'll hear them beeping all over the place as they get close to the mile markers.

    I've done 20+ mile long runs with friends wearing the same watch and we've run side-by-side the entire time, and we'll have different mile markers and a different total distance.

    Use the watch as a guide, not as the gospel.


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