Thursday, March 15, 2012


I had a pretty good workout this morning. Still relatively easy. 2 by 3200m on the track with 400m jog, then I put on spikes for the first time in a year and did 4 quarters with 200m jog. The goal for the two miles was 540, 535 since last week I did 538, 538, 535, 532 trying to run slower. For the quarters, I just wanted to feel the spikes and run fast.

The two miles started out well enough, but too fast. I just felt comfortable. Justin and Chris were way behind from the onset this time, with Chris trying to run smarter. I ran 535, 533 for the two miles. I was trying to keep my splits in the 84.point range, but they got too fast. The second two mile started too quickly, under 40 seconds for the first 200. So I tried to settle in but never quite did and ended up running much faster. I was 11:08 and 10:58 for the two intervals, as opposed to last week being 11:16 and 11:07.

On the 400s, I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping for 75. I was so uncomfortable in that first 200 meters, especially on the curves. The last 100 I settled in a little, I suppose, but by then it was too late. 69. Oops. A little surprising I suppose. More comfortable on the second, 68. Ok, whatever, let's just keep rolling with this then. Very comfortable on the third for a 67, slowing down and walking across the line. As I started the 4th, I joked to Chris (who was waiting and jogging with me), "See you in 66 seconds." That one actually felt a little more tiring, but it was still comfortable. I was happy to see a 67 again and not a 63 or something ridiculous.

I felt fine afterwards and feel fine now. I didn't feel comfortable in the spikes though. I'll have to get them on again between today and next weekend. It's weird trying to care about a 5K when I don't; obviously I want to win and don't want to run slow, but I'm not too concerned with anything else really. Even Justin said he's not even excited about it, because he is so focused on the Half. I don't feel like my training is all that focused on anything, really.

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