Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick Thought

I did my last run of any prescribed effort yesterday morning on the track. 8 miles of running, 2 miles at race pace. Bob came and we did an ultra-abbriviated Bob-loop to JM. I took a break before starting and then went right into it. The first 200m were on, and then the next 600 were slow. It took me a while to get into it, but my 11-minute two mile run on the track took 10:51. Bob was yelling at me telling me to relax and stuff, which I knew I wasn't doing.

It got me thinking. I'm really glad that I slept in a couple times later this summer and did a few workouts in the day time. It's just incredible how much easier it is to run fast when my body is awake. Even afternoon runs that were supposed to be recovery after a morning workout... I could run 7-minute pace with no effort at 5pm, but the next morning work my way down to a 7:30 last mile on an easy 6 miles.

So as I ran those 2 miles at what I hope will be my race pace, I thought about how nice it will be to be awake at 8am on the starting line in Philadelphia with thousands of people, as opposed to at the James Monroe track at 5am in the dark with Bob MacDonald and Blaire and Bruce Morris.

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