Thursday, July 21, 2011

2 Mile Repeats July 12

I did some two mile repeats a week ago and I meant to blog about it then. I forgot to, so I'll do it now. They went terribly. This was the workout I was supposed to do on July 11, but felt bad and no one was prepared, so I pushed it back a day. Goal was 5:40, 5:35, 5:35, 5:30 pace. So 11:20, 11:10, 11:10, 11:00 per 2-mile. Boy that would have been nice.

Justin was sticking with me this time as best as he could, and I set my watch to take laps every half-mile, trying to keep the paces more accurate. I don't know, it was an experiment. I must've done something wrong, because the 2nd "lap" of the first interval wasn't informative. It should have been beeping at me to tell me that I was going too slow, but it didn't. I understand the first one being slow, because we were just starting. So Justin was pissed when the first mile was 5:51 and took off in front of me for the next mile. He got us back on track though, and mile 2 was run in 5:41. It was very humid.

Next interval, Justin goes out in front. We were supposed to go faster, and I was content letting him lead. I was right behind him though, and we were pretty close to on pace. Mile 1 was 5:32, but then Justin stopped! I yelled at him to keep going, but he just stopped. I found out later that he was "out of time" and decided that he could get back faster from the VFW if he stopped running hard right there. My logic says finishing the interval would have put him closer to the car, being at the library, but he didn't listen. I maintained pace and did 5:31 for the second mile, but wasn't feeling good. I needed to use the rest room.

I ran around for a while during my half-mile break looking for a toilet. I saw none, so I improvised. I don't know if I've ever done that before, but I borrowed the newspaper from the Goodwill building on the corner of Pitt and Caroline. So thank you to them. I returned what was unused and threw my trash away.

Jimmy reappeared, finishing his 2nd interval when I was starting my third. He said he was finished after that. I might as well have been finished too, because I ran the next two miles 25 seconds too slow. I decided in the last half-mile of that interval that I was going to go finish at the track, trying to get my full last interval in there. Jimmy surprisingly decided to do a third, and was going through mile 1 when I was finishing, so I told him where I was going. My half mile was up before I got there and I started the interval outside of the fence around the track. Blaire Morris was there and she got to see my demise. I managed to run a lot faster than I had on interval number 3, but still 17 seconds too slow at 11:17 for 2 miles. My watch was beeping at me the whole time telling me that I was going too slow, and I miscounted my laps and kept thinking that I was going to be finished soon. That shows how toasted I was, that I couldn't even count to 8.

I trudged back to the car. 14 miles for the day, but it was awful.

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