Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello world! I'm back! Without looking at the blog, I could guess that I've started most of my recent posts with "I haven't blogged in a while because..." Boring.

Yesterday was Adam Otstot's wedding, and so I woke up in Williamsburg! Happy to be there, Charlie and I ran at around 9am. It's the latest I've run in a while for sure. I wasn't too hung over, so that was good. We needed to get from the Fairfield Inn next to IHOP to the Green Leafe in New Town, but we wanted 8-10 miles. We did FIT trail, 4x4, back through Zable, and then up Tear Drop. It was nice to do something familiar in WXBG besides the Colonial Half course, which is all I seem do when I go down there these days...

Anyway, good run. 64 miles for the week, roughly. I had to round up a little with yesterday's run in Prince William County Forest Park. Next week maybe more mileage leading up to the 4th of July race. Or maybe not.

No promises on a return to regular blogging. Sorry fans.

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