Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pre-Race 200s

Justin and Jimmy agreed to do some 200s with me while Bob and JD went to do the normal Wednesday run to the Slavery Museum. I had to go in the morning because I had plans after school, and it was KC's dad's birthday so I didn't know if we'd be doing something for dinner either. It was Bob's birthday too, so he got a great gift of running with his best friend JD without Justin and I agitating them.

The workout was simply to get spikes on and feel the pace without much effort. 8 x 200m with a 30 second/100m jog. The whole place was wet from a lot of rain last night, but fortunately it wasn't raining while we were there. I'd been worried about it. Justin and I changed into our shoes and the three of us got to work.

The splits were reasonably consistent, especially since I didn't know where the lines were sometimes. I think I started and finished at the wrong spot several times. And on the first one I recovered a lot longer than the others because I had to take off my long-sleeved shirt. Justin made a funny joke about me needing to have on a singlet so that I could sike him out for the workout. 

37.49 (44.63), 36.91 (32.94), 38.77 (28.20), 37.38 (32.65), 37.35 (35.75), 37.00 (31.25), 36.91 (30.26), 37.13 (33.12), 36.83 (30.91)

We went back afterwards and dropped Jimmy along the way. I thought we'd catch up with Bob and JD because I didn't know what time it was in real life. They were finished.

Boring post, sorry Scott.

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