Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pre-John Robbins Long Run

I think last year on this day I did 23 miles with Tim. Nope, just 17. I listed it as a "short long run." So today going 18 miles alone was better I guess. Ironically, I ran the same pace last year! I wonder if I'll do the same in the race tomorrow as I did last year. Last year was terrible. I didn't try very hard after having no sleep the night before.

Today's long run was good though. I was pretty unmotivated to go alone though. I was more interested in going to get an iPad 2, despite having ordered on on the internet yesterday. But neither of the Wal-Marts that I called had them, and AT&T wasn't opened. So off I went to run.

It was pretty cool out, but it was supposed to warm up 10-12 degrees during the run so I went minimal. I was hoping that Bob would join me, so I stuck to normal routes. I told him I'd do the hospital loop twice after running from home. So thats what I did. But no Bob. I stopped in the emergency room on loop 1 to get water after taking a GU. I felt pretty good and was running pretty easy, until the last 4 miles or so.

I got onto the Canal in Normandy on the 2nd loop (which I modified to be a normal morning loop instead of the hospital) and saw some UMW kids. I was already picking it up so I decided to run them down. I didn't try too hard because I knew I still had to run home. But I caught them around the Cobey's house. One of them asked if I was doing Battleground! So they know I'm coming!

Anyway, I ran home and it was uneventful. I tried to keep the pace reasonable up the hill behind Alum Springs. John Robbins tomorrow. Battleground in a week.

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