Monday, March 21, 2011

Garbage Man

I feel like trash. Even 3 hours after finishing running this morning, I just feel awful. I felt bad on the run the whole way. I would have been happy to slow down 10 minutes into it. Justin fell very hard turning left onto Caroline Street. He tripped over a brick, slid along the sidewalk, and ran into a stop sign pole. It was a very unfortunate turn of events. I forgot all about it though until he was finished and had blood all over his leg.

He went all the way down to Fall Hill on the canal, but I felt so bad that I turned early with Bob in Normandy. Maybe the race has caught up to me. Or maybe the fact that I was up past 10pm every night since Thursday. Maybe I didn't eat well enough this weekend. I don't know, but I'm beat.

[Editor's Note: Scott, I'm writing my posts from this weekend but I didn't finish yesterday and won't work on it today at school. You and Jonathan will just have to wait.]

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