Monday, February 7, 2011

Just another Manic Monday...

It's hard to get up and run in the morning when no one is going to run with you. Joey Hess bailed. Bob told me yesterday he wasn't running and then he told Justin, so Justin didn't come either. It's also going to be over 50 degrees this afternoon. But I have to double so I'll be running then too. I spent 20 minutes this morning just trying to decide WHERE to run, and eventually went downtown anyway because I hate running from home when it's not a really long run.

I went downtown and ran 6 miles alone at 7:11 pace. It felt smoother later and I had to use the bathroom for the last couple miles. So that sucked.

The plumber is going to come today after school to fix the broken sump pump that's left a couple feet of water in our basement over the past 5 or so days. I guess I'll do my second run while he's here and then finish this blog post then.

I also still have to write about yesterday's race. Hold your horses, Scott.

[Updated] The plumber didn't come. They called and said he'd have to come tomorrow. So I came home from work later and then ran a little after 5pm. It was getting dark but it was fine. I really hate running from home for such sort runs. Going downhill on the way out I just hold back, and then coming home uphill it's just slow because of how steep it is. If I try to run slow, it is really slow! If I try to run fast, it is really hard.

Anyway, manic Monday continues. Tomorrow I'll do hills. I should probably go to bed now. Still haven't showered.

Also, I know I still have to write about yesterday's race, but I'll give a tidbit today. I thought that my 22:00 was a PR. I knew it was faster than I'd run on that course. But I ran two 4-milers in college that started at JM. I knew I had mono with one of them so that was really slow. But apparently the next year, while training for Boston, I ran 21:37. So not a PR after all.

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