Saturday, January 8, 2011

Runs this week

So my Garmin broke on Tuesday. That was a big bummer. I left it at home in the morning and I came home in the afternoon and it didn't turn on. Still won't turn on now. I just tried to turn it on and it came on and said the battery was low! So now it's plugged in and hopefully all will be well. I don't know how the battery died. It was plugged in overnight on Monday I thought... We'll see, fingers crossed!

I ran with Matt on Tuesday night from his house. We were supposed to go at 4:45pm, but he was at the vet for a long time and we went later. He had time constraints and I was suffering, so we turned up early at Germania Street. No complaints from me for once, cutting it short.

Wednesday was a slavery museum run with JD, Bob and Justin. Bob came the whole time. I'm wearing new shoes and things are fine. We must have been crawling, because I wasn't quite as exhausted during it as I expected. It took a whole 60 minutes. In September we did the run in the same time and I noted that it was really slow that day, so it must have been today too.

Thursday, Matt came and ran with me and Bob. He was leaving for Afghanistan that night for 120 days. It doesn't sound like it will be that great over there for him, not surprisingly. We stopped in front of the field that Obama was on and walked back to his house, loitered a little, and then ran back to the cars. We agreed to run again Friday if it weren't snowing. Thursday night Bob and I lifted. I need to do more reps if I'm going to do such light weight. It's pathetic.

Friday, I didn't go in the morning. It wasn't snowing, but Bob and I agreed not to go over text. After school I went out to dinner with some friends to Quaker Steak & Lube. It's unlikely that I'll ever go back, especially with KC. Not the best scene in town. There were lots of emails going around Friday about weekend running. A Sunday long run was arranged, but nothing definite for Saturday.

So Saturday I woke up and Chris Koehler had emailed about coming, and Jack did as well, so we met up at Hanover for a normal morning loop. It did snow this morning a little, so there was a light dusting on the grass and sidewalks. Nothing on the roads though, and it wasn't that cold. I wore shorts and was fine. Afterwards, I went to VA Runner and was reevaluated by Jake and Sarah about my new neutral shoes. They said things looked fine. So here I am.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to go 90 minutes. If the night is long, I'll go an hour. Sara Lasker is going to come though so I shouldn't stand her up and leave her to run with people she doesn't know. Pat and Chris are going 2 hours. Soon enough...

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