Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Pat started at 8am and I started at 8:30. I wondered if I'd made a mistake because I didn't see him or his car, but I saw a bunch of other cars that were empty. But he showed up and off we went.

We ran out to World Street, which wasn't the best idea as it still had a lot of ice on it. I'll probably go back out there tomorrow though, just because it's an easy way to get in 8 miles. I imagine some of it will have melted. We ran on the snow to keep from falling, and it was funny to hear the difference in our strides. Pat pointed that out. Also Lynn Clemo had been out there and I was taking 1 stride for every 3 that she took it seemed. I would go the long ways around all the tangents just so that Pat and I would keep up more. He'd been a little down on his mileage this week and wanted to make it up with effort. Fine by me.

Every time he tried to accelerate, I'd just accelerate right there with him and give him something to chase. We went down the front side of the hospital and across the canal to Normandy. Around KFC I felt like I was slowing down a lot to wait up for him and I looked at my watch to see 6:48 pace. I love that 6:48 pace feels like slowing down. Eventually though, 6:00 pace will feel like slowing down. We kept on cruising around town and had to do a different little loop around Cobblestone to try to get to 12 miles for me. I pulled ahead and stayed there going around Cobblestone, Kenmore and Hanover. At the old Kenmore cleaners, now the 730 Salon, a lady opened her car door as I was running by and I ran into it. It was funny, and I felt bad for scaring her.

I stopped when I got to 12 miles at College Avenue and walked back while Pat kept going another half-mile to get an even 16 in. All in all, easy and uneventful.

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