Sunday, November 21, 2010

New TT Course and Quarry

A bunch of us met at JM today to do the new Turkey Trot course before our long run. Justin even showed up to see the new course. Somehow I ended up with the map, but we still didn't get lost. The course is boring... the same old crap that we do in half of the other FARC races. Then we went into the quarry. Justin hates the quarry, and he and Jonathan were up at the front running together. He wanted to stay on the flat, but instead I went to take the lead and led him up a path before the I-95 bridge. Pat, Matt, Kohler and David Lovegrove followed initially, but David turned back to join Bob, Jack, Scott and Jonathan out on the flat along the river.

Justin was worried that I was taking him through the tunnel, but it was too cold for me to worry about that today and I was already sick enough. We just did a loop around a trail that I don't remember being on. There were parts that felt like a half-pike in a skate park. Pat apparently bit the dust early on back there. There were times I had to walk down hills because there were so many leaves out there. But we did a loop and then turned back to regroup with the other guys. We came out and headed out for about 30 seconds before meeting up with them on their way back.

Justin was bitching about the pace being to slow in the woods and the distance being too short for how much tie we'd been running, so as soon as we got to the canal path, I started to drop it down. He and Jonathan were already with me, and Scott caught up to us, reporting that we were running 5:40 pace. So I sped up. Jonathan didn't stick around for long, because he was smart. Justin stopped talking soon, because he was running all out. I started to gap him before we got to the Rt. 1 bridge. I tried to surge hard underneath it, hoping that he wouldn't be able to see me, and then I took a sharp right and ran back over the top of the bridge and dropped down behind it. Jonathan and Scott were just getting there, and Justin had stopped to walk. I don't know what he thought happened, but I didn't ask him. We jogged back to the car. Konrad was on the canal path and he joined us back to the parking lot.

Pat, Matt, Konrad and I kept going. He went into the quarry while the three of us went back to our cars at the end of our roughly 90 minutes. It was fun to get some speed work in and even more fun to make Justin hurt and take him into the woods all in one day. Lots of excitement...

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