Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th

I'm going long tomorrow so I slept in this morning, but then I remembered my mom is out of town so I had to go let Ellen out. This is particularly important as Ellen is not doing well and she needs a lot of help getting up and walking. So KC and I went to do that. Then on the way home I remembered I had a chiropractor appointment at 11am, so I had to run right then. I had all these thoughts yesterday about getting up before 8 and running downtown to meet Matt for an easy 6, then running home so that I'd get in all this mileage this weekend. But once I started running, I decided to make it slow and short. Also Matt wasn't there.

So I ran slow and short. Tomorrow I'll run long. Uneventful run. I couldn't help singing "Believe" by Yellowcard in my head. It always makes me sad.

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