Saturday, September 25, 2010

Braswell Race against Teen Violence

I warmed up a little longer this morning with Pat since he's still training for his next marathon. We were going a little quick in the first half of it for my tastes with Justin, but when we grouped back up with the rest of the FART people, it slowed to a more reasonable pace. As soon as I finished running and tried to reset my watch, it turned off! I turned it back on and pressed the mode button, but it turned off! This happened a bunch of times. None of the buttons would work except mode, and that didn't even work right... I was upset because I thought I'd be rushing to buy a new watch that day.

The starting line of the race was a little frantic. There were a whole bunch of people-- mostly high school boys who probably play football-- standing on the line, leaving no room for those of us who should be on the line but were doing strides and such. I politely asked some to let me join them in the middle of their group and they let me. There was one guy between me and Justin wearing headphones and skate shoes that weren't tied. When the guy went off, 20 people ran out immediately in front of me in a full sprint. They ALL actually stopped running 20 seconds later at the top of the hill. Ridiculous. At least they got out of the way when they stopped instead of just standing in the middle of the road.

Once they cleared out of the way, it was just me and Nick Oltman. We ran side-by-side past the elementary school and down Salem Church Road into the neighborhood. I heard someone behind us and was surprised to see that it was David Justice on our heals. I didn't quite know what to make of that... heading down the road in Fox Point I tried to run the tangents as much as I could. We were running next to each other the whole way until we got down towards the cone. I moved a little bit ahead of him on the way to the turn-around so that I could have the advantage coming around and restarting my momentum.

I sprinted up the hill a little to open a gap but then let him come back on me so I could tuck in behind him heading into the oncoming runners. When the oncoming runners started to take up the whole road, I moved around him to lead us through the pack. I yelled a couple of times for people to move but they didn't know. I may have clipped a teenager girl's shoulder when her friend bumped her into me. I started to bob and weave through the crowd and I guess I lost Nick there. People were cheering for me, but a few people were making "Marine calls" (best term I can come up with...) and cheering for Nick. I had no idea how far behind he was.

I tried to push it up the last hills on Salem Church Road to break him, assuming that he was on my heels still. I never afforded myself a look back until entering the stadium. He was behind. I tried to make it look good on the track towards the finish line, and when I turned around he wasn't even on the track yet. I ran 16:37 to his just under 17:00. My splits were 5:21, 5:21, 5:55. I was satisfied.

We went for a long cool-down too. My Garmin wasn't working, so I had to rely on Pat for splits and pace. Most everyone else turned around early, but Pat and Jay and I kept going. I was getting pretty tired, so I had to pick up the pace or else I wouldn't be able to finish from time on my feet. The cool down was 4.67 miles, 7:48 pace, splits of 8:14, 8:05, 7:42, 7:25, 5:11 (not a full mile.)

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