Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long Run in Duck

This is what I'd been trying to avoid all summer. I'd done long runs on weekdays at home alone just to avoid having to do them here. But Charlie wanted to get in 15 today, so I went with him. (Although I have a sinking feeling that it wasn't even his long run for the week...)

The days of sitting out in the sun and drinking, getting beaten up in the ocean, and running in the heat have certainly caught up with me, and this run was unpleasant. We started out slow-- as slow as I do at home, but it didn't feel as easy. We got into a groove running in the 6:40s after about 5 miles or so, but then stopped at the Hilton to get some water before heading onto the Bypass. I took a GU, which I never noticed helping.

Getting into the neighborhood, I was just counting down the mailboxes until we got out of the neighborhood. I didn't think I'd make it up the hill on E. Dogwood, and Charlie had to wait for me. We left the neighborhood there so I could avoid the hills, and I just suffered. I threw up in my mouth while running a 6:36 to try to keep up, but told him to leave me. I was surprised to be under 7-minute pace the rest of the way, because it felt like I was walking. Charlie finished about 30 seconds ahead of me and stopped at the end of Sea Breeze Drive. We walked it in from there and I'm whipped out for the rest of the day probably.

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