Saturday, July 24, 2010

Return to USA

First run back in the country. We got back yesterday morning and made it back to Fredericksburg after several hours of traffic. I should have gone running Friday night, but instead I tried to stay up pretty late so that I could sleep. I didn't really sleep on the plane ride back.

I met Bob, JD, Jack, and JD's 15 year old daughter (on bike) this morning. It was so hot and humid, and I hadn't run in 8 days at that point. I talked about the trip and was quickly winded. The pace was slow and it felt bad. I probably should have run more than two times while abroad, but I had fun.

My right foot hurts a lot. When I try to flex it or move it, it hurts. The pain is pretty bad at times. My left leg is sore on the outside around my knee, I guess near my IT band. I'll have to ice and work on it in the next week or so while I start running again.

Tomorrow I race. I hope it goes out slow-- otherwise I'll be in trouble.

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