Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm leaving today for Europe so I wanted to get in a good run before hand. I know I won't run tomorrow; it's not going to be a priority while I'm gone. Although Tim did update me today that we're 12 weeks out from Twin Cities...

It was about 85 degrees before humidity this morning when we started-- I'm surprised because I thought the heat advisory was only in effect until last night at 11pm. We went up to the slavery museum and down the Shoney's hill. It may have been too dark, but we did it anyway. It was fine when we weren't in the thickest trees. After we got out of the quarry and started to run around 6:30 pace, I requested that we keep it closer to 7:00 if possible. Towards the end I'd be willing to pick it up.

We took a bathroom break at the Marriott, by which time I was covered in blood from the small little cut on my wrist underneath my watch. It was hotter in the bathroom than it was outside-- I probably should have just gone with a porta-potty. I wonder what would smell worse: a porta-potty that's been sitting outside during a heatwave or a hot bathroom cleaned with some sort of strawberry disinfectant? I guess I'll never know.

After the Marriott I thought I needed to pee, but I could barely managed a tablespoon and it was bright orange. That's what I get for taking my allergy medicine before the run I suppose. We got GU and water and proceeded back out. I saw Charlotte LaRoach, pole vaulter from W&M a little older than I was, and we did a morning loop. I was dying. My legs felt like rocks and my body was just so heavy. Respiratorily (is that a word?) I wasn't in trouble, but I really felt like I couldn't move my feet.

We got water at the parking deck and headed back up. Tim went for another 4 miles while I went to stand underneath the sprinkler system on the rugby field. It was an exhaustive effort and my legs are dead. Perfect day to fly to Rome. I don't know if I'll be able to blog while I'm there or not, but no one reads this so it's ok!

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