Friday, July 16, 2010

Chambery, France

We came to Chambery two days ago and got here at night. The Tour de France left from here that morning and I was disappointed to have missed it. Yesterday we went to Geneva for the day and then returned here for a second night.

This morning I woke up earlier to go for a run. The elevation wasn't what I'd hoped given our proximity to the Alps, but it was still very cool outside. I ran through the town, which was very small, out to a busy interstate ramp and then came back in. I found a track at a local university and ran a mile on it. It was so amazing to be running around and looking up at these giant mountains around me. The view was brilliant, for being on a track.

 I finished back up going into town and got a little lost. I was running in alleys and behind buildings, somehow. It was cool to see big street signs closing off parking lots and streets for le Tour...

Today we leave for Paris, and the Diamond League track meet is tonight!

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