Friday, April 9, 2010

Still sick

I doubled on Tuesday and couldn't stop sneezing and coughing after that. Wednesday morning I barely felt better. I got a massage, which probably wasn't the best idea since I've decided since then that I had a cold instead of just allergies. We went to Short Pump that afternoon to have dinner with Graham and Loren, buy an iMac, and stay the night in a hotel.

Dinner was awesome. We did this family-style dinner and had so much food that everyone was stuff--even Graham! We got the computer pretty quickly and then went to the hotel. It was very trendy, and we liked it a lot. It's too bad that I was sick (and so was KC), we didn't get to hang out in the bar like we'd planned.

The next morning I didn't feel any better. I didn't run that morning in Richmond and then ended up not running at all yesterday. I went with Bob at 6am this morning and felt a little bit better, but I didn't get enough sleep because I just didn't go to bed early enough. The run was fine, I felt pretty fresh if nothing else. We were running a fine pace, but ended up slowing down a lot by the end of it. I was happy to get a run in.

Later today I went to VA Runner and found out that my competition for the race tomorrow wants to run 5:25 pace. We'll see about that, I'm not really in shape or mentally prepared to do that. I'd rather run easy and win that way...

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