Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not very Long Run

No one wanted to run long today after the race, and Tim was racing Cherry Blossom. Fortunately Justin did, so we met at my house at 8:30 to go for 90 minutes. He's very serious about his long runs now, mostly because he wants to stop losing to Nick.

We ran into town and looped over to Stafford. I told him that I was engaged, we talked about weddings, training, the race, etc. My legs were beat. About half way in, I realized how tired I was. Justin was just hanging on for dear life after about 55 minutes. I dragged him home. We cut it short through Alum Springs and came up Lafayette instead of Rt. 1. He fell apart even more going up the hill, so I left him. He got in 13  for the day though, which is probably close to his longest run in a long time. I would have liked to have gone longer in 90 minutes, but it's OK. Almost 60 for the week taking off two runs and the rest of them being pretty short.

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