Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Late track work

After Walker-Grant track practice I did 8 x 400 repeats. I thought about it before and was going to run 80s, as that would be a great pace for Saturday's race, but then realized that Bob did 79s this morning so I had to go faster. I thought the first 4 in 75 and last 4 in 70 would be nice. I warmed up with the Garmin to get a distance on my normal warmup loop. It was 2.18, so that's nice to know it was at least two all those times I was calling it 2.

Tim was doing 1200s at the time, and I was running about the same pace, mostly slower. I ended up going 72 on the first one, so I just stuck with that and ran 71 or 72 for the first 8. #9 was a little fast for the first 200 and I ended up at 70. On the last one I ran through the line and finished in 68. The first 9 I pulled up short of the line because I didn't want it to hurt too much. The workout was good though; my legs were heavy (I also wore trainers) but nothing felt like it was going to pull or tear. I also liked finishing so quickly. The 200s seemed just about right for the recovery.

Tim and I cooled down into the quarry a little bit, rehashed our races again. I'll try to go tomorrow morning. I really will...

Garmin Connect - Warmup and Cool down

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