Saturday, March 20, 2010

8k Cool Down

I watched Charlie run the 8k this morning in VA Beach. I think he got 18th and ran something like 25:14. I think that's pretty good, though I know he wanted to be under 25:00. We cooled down together with Pat for a while and the had breakfast with KC and her parents. I think that we ran about 4 miles, pretty easy. I can add the link later when I upload it from home.

My allergies are killing me, probably from being outside so much today so far, but I feel good. It's going to be warm today, so as I type this I'm reaching for my water bottle. Our hotel is right next to the start/finish line for the marathon, which would be optimal if I were doing the full. I'll have a little warmup to get to the start of the half tomorrow, and then I can use the port-a-potties like the commoners. I heard Kathy Newberry is going to run the half tomorrow, so since her PR is faster than mine, I may try to work off of her a little bit if she says she's going for it. I'm happy about that. It's nice to have a gauge.

Expo later, and the traditional Sal's on Laskin Road dinner. Then grading papers and sitting around.

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