Friday, February 5, 2010

Pre-Blizzard Long Run

Since school was cancelled by 6pm last night, I met Tim for a long run this morning before the snow, instead of tomorrow in the snow. It was good. We saw zero precipitation until after we'd finished. I was tired and it felt like we started out pretty quickly (we didn't). I was surprised towards the end with how fast I was going. Tim used the bathroom at about 5 miles and 13.5 miles, I drank some water & gatorade after 7 miles. The shell trail was terrible so we didn't run on that more than once.

The next two days I can run short and easy on top of the dozens of inches of snow we're supposed to get. A gentle snow started around 10am after some flakes fell down at 9:30.

I just ate a Hardee's sausage biscuit, and KC is picking up Chipotle for lunch. In other words, I will have easily replenished the 2488 calories burned running within a few hours. I may even have to double!

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