Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mile Repeats

I slept in this morning and didn't do the workout at 4:45. I would have been alone so it didn't matter much. I had a meeting the 2nd half of the day and it got out early, so I got to leave school early and get started. I ended up being finished at 4pm, before some kids were even home probably.

I did 4 x mile on the turkey trot course. I was going to do 3 miles but decided to take advantage of the warmth and sunlight. My 2nd and 3rd miles were both on the 2nd mile of the course. I even used the watch to keep me within speed zones (5:25-5:50), which was pretty nice. It was very windy so the first 3 had a lot of headwind, while the last one was all tailwind. Hopefully I'll be able to do 13 of those in a row next weekend...

I'll have to double on Saturday now I suppose.

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