Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hill Workout

We had a two-hour delay today so Bob and I met at 6:45 instead of 4:45 to do our hill workout. I used the advanced workout programer on the watch to put the workout in, but I forgot to start it when we started our warmup so I was a bit short (1.25 miles, 10:53).

The workout was tough. It was about 22 degrees, thankfully no wind, and I was working hard. Half way through the 2nd 2-minute interval, I just felt my legs give out and I was exhausted. I finished, but was well short of some of my previous marks on similar workouts recently. I'd still consider it a good workout.

It's supposed to snow/rain again today starting in the early afternoon until tomorrow morning. Doubling today won't be fun.

Garmin Connect - Warmup
Garmin Connect - Workout

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  1. Very interesting graphics, most notably that you generally hit about the same peak HR on the hills, but as they went on you started the next one at a slightly higher recovered HR. Precisely what you want.


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