Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another 20 miles

I ran from home and it was felt like 22 after the wind chill. I went into the battlefield and across Lafayette to meet Tim at Hanover. We did an 8 mile loop with only one bathroom stop back to Hanover and then picked up Matt and Bob. They joined us for about 6 miles of the loop and then it was just the two of us to finish up.

I felt like this run, while only averaging 6 seconds slower than last weeks, was considerably easier than last week. Maybe it's because the pace was more even, but hopefully it's because I'm getting stronger. One more long run of 20 next week and then down to Williamsburg...

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  1. when did you pick us up? i'm wondering what our pace was.

  2. we picked you up at hanover around 12 miles.


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